Representative Pope continues to address State Fiscal issues

The 2013 Legislative Session was a Fiscal Session and the majority of our time was spent discussing how to fund the operation of state government and how to develop a budget that is based on identified resources and limit the use of one time money.

Governor Jindal continues to rely on one time money and the rainy day fund to balance budget shortfalls rather than address the escalating cost of state government. This approach can only lead to additional cost to the taxpayers. We can do better and we must.

For the past five years the state budget was based on contingency money and non-recurring funds and each of those five years resulted in mid-year cuts that came out of education and healthcare.

Again this year, Governor Jindal submitted a budget to the Legislature that included $540 million in one-time money. This year the House of Representatives rejected this proposed budget and crafted a budget that does not include one- time money.

We also passed Legislation that requires the Governor in the future to submit a budget to the Legislature annually that contains only monies that have been recognized by the Revenue Estimating Conference. This is a significant step in managing state dollars for the long term and provides state agencies with the stability they need to manage programs year to year.

I opposed from the beginning the Jindal proposed increase in state sales tax in exchange for eliminating the state income tax. This issue was dropped by Governor Jindal when it became evident that he could not get the votes to pass it.

In 2008 I voted NO on the Legislative Pay Raises, Voted to Repeal the drivers license fee increase, Voted against all fee increases. I have not voted for any tax increases.

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