Representative Pope co-authors and supports legislation to support Right to Life

Health and Welfare was improved by passing legislation to urge Congress to defund Planned parenthood which I supported.

I co-authored legislation to require random drug testing for welfare recipients.

I supported legislation that prohibits an abortion when an unborn child child is 20 weeks or more and legislation that requires the fetal heartbeat be made audible to a pregnant woman at least 24 hours prior to an abortion.

I supported legislation that expands health care coverage of diagnosis and treatment of autism and legislation that provides for coverage of orally administered anti-cancer medications.

We were able to defeat Abortion Clinics legislation in the Health & Welfare Committee which would have promoted additional Abortion Clinics in Louisiana. I voted to defeat this expansion of Abortion Clinics in Louisiana.

I will always sponsor and support legislation that strengthens the family values. I have been an active voice against abortions, and stronger enforcement of child support laws, addressing the benefits for firefighters and addressing the services provided to children with Autism. I have also supported legislation that requires the labeling of seafood that is sold in Louisiana that comes from foreign countries.

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