Representative Pope's voting record on key legislative issues

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  • In 2012, I opposed the changes in our education system and voted NO on the final legislation.
  • I also voted NO and worked against the Minimum Foundation Program formula for public education, submitted by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Jindal administration, as it did not fairly distribute funds to public schools in Livingston and other parishes.
  • I voted NO and worked against the Voucher plan submitted by Governor Jindal as it will decrease the quality of public education in Livingston Parish.
  • I co-authored legislation that created the Early Childhood Care and Education Network that will establish performance targets for children ages 3 and 4 in publicly funded early childhood education programs.
  • I supported legislation to improve procedures used to report “bullying”.
  • I co-authored legislation that creates an alternative high school curriculum that focus on technical trade skills instead of college. I co-authored legislation to insure there was no reduction in K-12 educational funding.

     In 2013, For the first time in five years we were able to agree on additional funding for education in the Minimum Foundation Program with 50% of the increased funding to go to certified teachers and the other 50% allocated to local public school systems for operations. The increased funding will result in certified teachers getting between $500 and $600 additional pay annually. This funding is recurring at the rate of 2.75% increase annually. This is an important step for parish schools to maintain quality education for our students. The increase in funding will result in approximately $3.5 million for the local economy.

     Since taking office as a State Representative for Livingston Parish in 2008, I have worked to address the need for Community and Technical College services in Livingston Parish. During this session we were able to get legislation approved that will start the study and feasibility of offering Community College Services in Livingston Parish and provided for funding for the construction of the Community and Technical College Facility upon completion of the study.

     In cooperation with Livingston Parish Economic Development we worked to secure $200,000 in Capital Outlay, subject to approval by the Bond Commission, to construct a parking lot at the existing Livingston Technology & Literacy Center.

     We were successful in passing legislation in the House of Representatives by a vote of 102-0 that would have delayed by one year the changes in the Teacher Evaluation process but was defeated in the Senate Education Committee. I will continue to address this issue and work to make the Teacher Evaluation Process more equitable.

     We also passed legislation in the House of Representatives that would have required BESE to use the 2011-12 formula for grading schools and school districts but was defeated in the Senate Education Committee. I will continue to work to change the grading process back to the 2011-12 model.

Health and Welfare

Health and Welfare was improved by passing legislation to urge Congress to defund Planned parenthood which I supported.

  • I co-authored legislation that prohibits coverage of elective abortions by health issuers.
  • I co-authored legislation to require random drug testing for welfare recipients.
  • I supported legislation that prohibits an abortion when an unborn child is 20 weeks or more and legislation that requires the fetal heartbeat be made audible to a pregnant woman at least 24 hours prior to an abortion.
  • I supported legislation that expands health care coverage of diagnosis and treatment of autism and legislation that provides for coverage of orally administered anti-cancer medications.
  • Senior Citizens also were faced with major changes in the way services are provided when the Jindal administration attempted to move the Governor’s Office of Elderly affairs into the Department of Health and Hospitals. I opposed this move as our senior citizens deserve the best service they can obtain and this move would have diminished services to our senior citizens.

Public Safety

  • I supported legislation that provides the right to keep and bear arms.
  • I co-authored legislation to make it a crime of failure to report a missing child and legislation that improves child abuse laws and increases penalties.
  • I co-authored legislation to require screening of persons who work with children.
  • I supported legislation that places additional restrictions on sex offenders and increased penalties.
  • I supported legislation to increase the term of imprisonment for possession, buying, selling or transporting firearms with obliterated serial numbers.
  • I also supported legislation to increase penalties for crime of aggravated assault with a firearm.
  • I supported legislation that increases penalties for second offense DWI and authorizes administration of multiple chemical tests for suspected drunken drivers.
  • I co-authored legislation that will strengthen our Domestic Abuse Laws.
  • I supported legislation that prohibits use of bank cards at gaming facilities.

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